*Naked & Sons, Knock, Knock & Square & Blue Hair*

February 15, 2016


This full figured woman with light, blond hair is walking around in her apartment at night. As she gets into her bed she is thinking about something embarrassing.  She liked this girl and kissed her, but the other girl wasn’t interested. Another girl gave her old phone number to her 360. 417.

February 16, 2016


An office has photos of a woman and her two sons. She has light, brown hair and is well to do. One of her sons has a HUGE grin on his face. Also, a locked door has been stripped.

Knock, Knock

February 17, 2016

Two overweight women want to have a discussion with a woman so they knock on her door. She lets them into her place. She is sitting on a woman’s bed telling a woman that she never sold many of her hand-made cards.  She says her cards were ****. The woman mentions a man named Jim and her bank, She doesn’t know him. As she leaves, late at night, she is walking on a grassy path. She passes a guy wearing a coat and walking his dog. She looks to her right and sees a cargo ship with different colors.

February 22, 2016


A woman is inside a square or rectangular apartment complex with an elevator in the far corner. The motif of the building is a different era. A woman has a fluffy cat and a noisy neighbor.

February 23, 2016

Blue Hair

This teenager girl dyed her long hair a blue color. She is wearing blue eye shadow as well. Her Mom tries to support her daughter so she dyes her bangs. She had to keep the color in her hair for 20 minutes. A train goes in one direction and then back.


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