Connected, Mall, A Posh Place, Lesbians, Report & Scare


November 18, 2022

Two, young lesbians were having a lengthy, sexual encounters with each other in the dream. All I can see in the dream, is the young, blond woman infront of the other woman. Later, the one lesbian seemed to be in a lot of pain and having gyncelogical problems. I see her on a gurney and going into surgery.

A woman moved right next door to the blond lesbian and someone tossed two set of keys underneath the door. The keys almost look like maintenance keys with a lot of keys on it. Something kinda odd in the dream, when the woman opened her front door it was CONNECTED to a mall which I thought kind of strange. Kinda like in the movie, “The Wizard of Oz” when Dorothy’s house lands in OZ and she opens her front door to a very colorful world, not Kansas, but the land of OZ.

Nov 19, 2022

In real life, I was watching a commercial about a car, not for sure of the brand, but anyway, the car was driving to Emerald City and it showed it.

I’m also kinda wondering if the woman may have been hired at a job or worked at a job and was just opening the door to the mall. I did see a glimpse of slot machines. It looks unfamiliar. Then I see a couple of ethnic guys who work there in the kitchen. One guy is kinda finicky. I’m not for sure if this is a casino in the Midwest or Southwest.


November 21, 2022

A woman was working at a retail store and was in charge of closing the store. There was a large store in a down stairs area, possible at a mall. She was the last person in the store and put her many keys on the counter prior to leaving.

A Posh Place

November 23, 2022

A woman was at some posh place that she seemed to be staying at temporarily. She seemed to be the only person there. She ate a meal and then going to stay in this room.

November 24, 2022


Again, two women are talking to each other at a table. I think they are lesbians or like each other. It is different Lesbians than connected. I’m getting the SAME name of a bar band that use to go to in my twenties. One of the woman has changed a lot. I think she has an open relationship and sleeps with other women. The women in CONNECTED & LESBIANS have not been in these dreams that can remember.

November 25, 2022


I had to report everyday to this African-American guy. I would have to go and sit infront of him, at his desk, at his office. I’m not for sure why I had to do this and it seemed like a short period of time. Also, there was a religious person in the background, possibly former manager.

November 26, 2022


In the last week, I have awoken TWICE in the middle of the night, which is very RARE for me. I am startled as awaken from a nightmarish dream that don’t remember much. A group of friends were hanging out together. It almost seems like one woman was set up by one of her friends and recall her closing her eyes not wanting to see something or waiting to get shot. These recent dreams have taken recently taken a dark overtone, I think because I am under spiritual attack and have been sensing a wave of darkness in my current location.


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