Friend as Neighbors, Travelling Across A Body of Water , Mean, Italian Coat, Crushes of Public Figures & 28th

Oct 11, 2022

Friend as Neighbors

My friend lived upstairs from me. I walked down some back stairs that were carpeted. I couldn’t remember my apartment number so I accidently opened somebody else’s door. My apartment was a couple of doors down.

Travelling Across a Body of Water

Oct 12, 2022

A guy is sitting at his desk (He reminds me of the same guy in PA many years ago) He would start at the bottom of a large body of water and would go upwards to several different cities he wanted to explore. Then he handed me a large packet to fill out.

October 15, 2022


I was in a small town and was full of smiles and positive. However, the man and woman that I dealt with were mean. There were rows of apartments, but the guy didn’t want me to go into it, so I guess he paid for a night at a hotel. I do not see the hotel in dream.

October 16, 2022

Italian Coat

This dream was a little strange, an actress, I don’t rember her name, but she was in a room, kneeling down & comple (Eva Mendes)

Then another woman was trying on a very expensive, white coat. It was part of a try before you buy program. I see her looking at the receipt without a price amount. One of her friends asked if the coat was Italian.

Oct. 26, 2022

Crushes of Public Figures

Yesterday, I had a dream of Neve C. & she was leaning her head up against the wall when a woman came and snuggled her face by her neck. (So I looked up Neve BD Oct 3)

Then last night, I dreamed of a guy named Elton who was attending an outdoor event with a woman that he really liked. It wasn’t a date, but more of getting to know each other. Then she goes looking for a restroom & can sees the sign.

October 28, 2022



I had another dream of my friend J being at a homeless shelter sitting at the tables in the dining area. The shelter was in the midwest. Then a woman was waiting inside a bus shelter to go to her storage facility where she had two storage lockers there. On the 28th she was revewing her storage policies. Access to the faciity was open to 9 pm. There were either two security officers around in this dream. There was talk of going to Virginia.

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