*Mexican Toddler, The Kat & Skeleton, Similar Dreams-14 Years Apart*

Mexican Toddler

September 17, 2016

This woman was going to babysit this Mexican toddler, but he didn’t adjust to her. The mom was disappointed because it would be free. The same, overweight, African-American man is in dreams again, same guy from last week.  A woman mentions London. Later she is walking in a small, town and drops something and she is having hard time picking it up.

The Kat

September 18, 2016

This young, cool, hip girl wanted to know my last time went on Kat, a rollercoaster ride. There was a top and upper level, shaped in square. The first time the roller coaster curved and the second, it did not. This one girl had several pieces of paper, some colored. There is a woman, wearing a hat, border control.


September 20, 2016

I was lying down in my bed and I fell asleep, however I can’t recall being asleep. Anyway, this dream is a little creepy. The bedroom is set up like my current place. A woman walked into her dim bedroom with a king size bed up against the wall ( I have a twin) Her mother had slept in bed. Late at night, outside, she could hear two people having a conversation. Then to her right was a father and son. The boys face changed into a skeleton and she didn’t want to see. So she looked away. Then she went into the kitchen, was surprised. Saw a mans hand hanging onto door.

I had two dreams that  were very similar, both involved a room, an African-American woman and a bad neighborhood, possible Las Vegas and 14 years apart.

Similar Dreams-14 years Apart

August 14, 2016


A strange guy is around as a woman waits for an elevator.  She is carrying her Zebra design suitcase and  carry on into a large room with dirty walls. Straight across from her an African-American woman walks out of her room. Later on, she is looking down at a pool. These two women are saying the same things.

I received an old journal from a friend who had been storing my items at his house. There was a journal that not been read ages ago. It was in 2002, shortly after my Mom’s death and I wanted to write down my feelings since it was a great loss to me. There are some dreams in there as well. At the time, I had been contemplating moving to Las Vegas at the time, but never did.

December 15, 2002

I slept like a rock and awoke to a headache. I had a strange dream. First, I was walking around downtown, Minneapolis, but didn’t look like it. I just left a bar and I thought someone had put something in my drink. I guess, I left my shoes under the table and had been dancing on the dance floor. I was walking alone and was drunk when an African-American woman forewarn me of being in  a bad neighborhood and so we walked together for a while. She was nervous and then I was more cautious. Also, I lived in this one room and it was a mess.  Later on, I  talked to one of my brothers at some place. I was going to get a pop and he agreed to drive and that was the end of the dream.

Also, something else that was wierd is that the first dream is titled Zebra, and then on September 12, 2016, I heard about a volunteering opportunity in all places, Africa.


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