*Hansa, Cobblestone Wall & Buffet, Skyscrapers & $10 Bill*


September 23, 2016

These two women are sitting in a dimly lit front room with an older TV and speakers that are not working properly. One of the woman wonders why she was invited to the house. Then a bunch of high school boys arrive and go into the basement. One of the guys is from Chester, Pennsylvania.

This chubby kid teases this girl because she has a crush on one of the guys. She says it is a lie because she was living in another state. This girl was curious about the woman. The woman told her that her relatives came from Pennsylvania and were from Germany and arrived on the ship Hansa in 1866.

Cobblestone Wall & Buffet

September 24, 2016

Cobblestone Wall

These two, skinny roommates were in their apartment and told a woman to, “Let her sleep in the rain.” A couple of $5 bills are shoved in between the cracks of a cobblestone wall.

September 25, 2016


A woman saw a sign for an Asian Restaurant  and entered the restaurant. The lunch buffet was  $7.95, but while she was in line two women, one younger and the other older, said the buffet was $10.95.  Another women who is skinny & tall mentions the price needs to be in writing.  It was hard to navigate through the building and the basement was flooding. This woman was sitting in front of this guy who was smiling. He has lived on an island and peninsula

Skyscrapers & $10 Bill

September 26, 2016


A view of the landscape of a cities skyscrapers, at night.

September 27, 2016

$10 Bill

This African-American woman is sitting down and has some kind of gadget. Another woman sits by her and gives her a $10 bill.


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