Bikez, Farm, Taken Inside, Several Bus Trips & On the Phone

December 22, 2022


Last night, I dreamed of a town that never been before. It was a sunny, spring day. A woman was riding on her bike and a mom & son turned off of a trail and several teenage boys rode their bikes straight on trail. The woman also went straight. It was an interesting, small town.

Also, recall former manager talking to this one male landlord where was living. I came back from a trip mid month and didn’t pay the rent thinking that the mananger could keep the deposit. So I ended up having to write a check.

December 24, 2022


I heard the word farm. This woman was on a tour with several people. She wasn’t going to stay at the hotel but decided to go anyway. She wasn’t prepared for this trip, she might have flown into LA.

Then the actor Johnny D. was in a field on a farm. I guess he kinda stops by there every now and again. When awoke, I thought why would Johnny D. be on a farm. Also, there was an ethnic looking man around so assuming owner of farm.

December 24, 2022

Taken Inside

An ethnic woman was sleeping in the cold weather ouside(El Paso border) As she was sleeping a group of medical women took her inside, not for sure if it was a medical facility or somewhere else. The woman didn’t wake up during this, however I felt being jolted when being picked up. as if was her.

December 25, 2022

Several Bus Trips

I had several dreams all about taking buses. I’m trying to remember. So first dream, A woman or me showed up at the bus terminal for an early bus trip, I’m getting the number 9, she may have taken the bus in the evening not sure. The bus station is not familiar to me. I do see the woman approaching the counter where two woman are helping her.

I then recall getting to a certain destination and thinking that didnt want to do anymore travelling so called actually my youngest brother to pick me up. A woman or possible me is sitting on couch with another woman, possible a friend or roommate. Our black lab gets loose out of the front door. I do see an apartment complex and people left some of their items outside on the porch, like cassettes,etc…Also, I see different suitcases, like older suitcases, not with handles. I do not recognize the scenery, bus terminal locations, sense it isn’t as cold. I also heard that, “I’m going to T****** but the scenery doesn’t look like desert at all.

December 26, 2022

On the Phone

A woman or me was talking on old fashion home phone. There are several work desks in a room and one, overweight woman with blond hair is sitting at her desk. She has a distinctive nose.


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