Two Guys, Northern Direction, Drop It, Michelle P, Cat Almost Getting Hit, Fly Sat & Couzin

December 30, 2022

Two Guys

A couple of guys with longer hair were BOTH sitting in chairs in the living room. I went to put some dimes into a slot machine, lots of dimes.

On Feb 3, 2023 Received mail, two dimes

January 2, 2023

Northern Direction

I was in contact with my cousin and her daughter. I was at some place with a couple of other people. I was suppose to go in a northern direction, even furthur than St. C in Midwest and past my brothers place, which in real life, he is in opposite direction. Anyway, I seem to be doing the transportation thing by myself. The area DOES NOT look familiar and no snow. I could never get a hold of my Mom because she kept changing her phone number.

January 17, 2023

A young woman just got home and a couple of guys were in her place.

January 22, 2023

Drop It

I heard this in dream, not seen anything. Two guys were trying to move something, one guy said, “Drop It” I heard something being dropped in the snow. A dog started to cry as if he got hurt.

January 24, 2023

Michelle P

All I saw in this dream was the actress Michelle P, she looked younger and beautiful.

Jan 25 Another dream of a woman who somewhat resembles Michelle P, but her eyes were even more lighter blue.

Jan 26


This dream was a little odd. There was a pile of people sleeping on the floor with all their belongings. No separation between others. So in dream, I went around picking out my notebooks of Blue Girls Dreem Gournal that were in different areas of the pile. There was a guy lying down in the pile that said something to me which I cannot remember.

Jan 31, 2023

Cat Almost Getting Hit

I haven’t had a dream about a black cat in a really long time. A semi-truck was driving down the road and as a black cat tried crossing the street and ended up under neath the semi and almost getting hit. So, a woman took the cat with her. Then a woman was walking across the street to get the rest of her stuff, I’m assuming in storage. She was talking to one woman, then to another woman, the second woman mentioned something about Nevada. All woman were white and early twenties

Feb 1, 2023

Fly Sat

A young woman ends up staying at a couples place, the guy is kinda hairy with brown hair, eyes & beard, then she was thinking about staying at a hotel or motel for a couple of days then flying back to wherever she came from on Saturday. I’m not for sure of location of the dream, nor of the people in dream. However, it seems like a mini vacation.

Feb 2, 2023


An older woman with dark, wavy hair is going in opposite direction, so cannot see her face. A young, black woman is in her apartment by herself. I was in an empty room with my cousin and we talked a little bit, then she PISSED me off and told me that she had COVID-19.


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