Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign, Ignore, Same Girl, Male Friend, Colors, NOL, NO SNOW & SPread Out City

Feb 20, 2023

Sign, Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

I called and asked for prayer on guidance on my next place to live. So today, I heard on the radio, Florida in July, Pinella County, a county that never visited or lived. NOT A DREAM.

Feb 22, 2023


A woman was possible staying at an AIRBNB or renting a room. There was an older guy & young woman staying there. She may have propositioned the young woman because she mentioned about how some people just need sex. Neither the older guy, nor the young woman talked much to her or not at all. She even asked them to go to Las Vegas with her, but they didn’t answer her. Also, she was planning to take a bus to somewhere and needed to purchase a ticket in case they sell out on travel date. She doesn’t seem to have to worry about money. She was going to make a dinner reservation .

Feb 24, 2023

Same Girl

SO again, same girl in “Ignore” She is suppose to buy a ticket a day ahead to secure her a ticket.

Feb 25, 2023

Male Friend

SO now I seem to be in an certain area and thought about contacting a male friend in the area. I’m not for sure location in dream.

Also, same dream of a single bed in a room from the same older woman.

Feb 26, 2023


This dream was a little strange, there was some guy and he was surrounded by several different colors, approxiamently five.

Feb 27, 2023


Last night, I had a dream of possible Louisiana, like I should check out places to live out there. I have NEVER been to Louisiana in real life, but have wanted to go to Mardi Gras ever since I saw the movie, “Easy Rider”

Anyway, a guy was looking at galaxy like thing infront of him, however it looked like a light, blue amoeba instead of galaxy. IDK, maybe its some image saw many years ago?

March 1, 2023

A young, white girl says my Mom’s first and middle name

March 3, 2023


While riding in the passengers seat of a car, not for sure who’s car is in dream. I saw a woman walking and she saw me and was happy to see me, but wasn’t happy to see her. A month

March 4, 2023


I had a dream of being in the Pacific Northwest. However, the city is very spread out and doesn’t look like this particualt city. The people that encounter are young, caucasian people, most likely students


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