*Hidden Behind the Surface,Stranger Outside My House& Using Faith in Time of Darkness*

March 2, 2011 HIdden Behind the Surface The landlord was helping her sister take out the garbage. As she was getting ready for work she asked her sister what she should do with a piece of paper, but her sister didn't respond. There was a water plant and the water was running and had to …

I’ve Had This Dream Before

February 17, 2013 I've had this dream before...My brother and myself were at an upstairs apartment. The landlord was a woman. Then I was walking outside in an unfamiliar area, but liked it there.  

Small House

November 13, 2010 I was contemplating moving and moved a couple blocks away from my place. My landlord had 12 properties and when she showed me apartments. I was later shown a vacant house, but felt it was too small.

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