Trippy Revelation Regarding the name Sterling

October 9, 2017


Well , my last entry mentioned a sterling silver ring. So the next day while  watching a television talk show,  an African-American named Sterling came onto the show,   I googled him, Sterling K. Brown. An Emmy awarding actor that I did not know anything about it. I told my brother and he was like really, and I was like yeah. 

So, than there wasn’t any more Sterling until I travelled to the Southwest. So, while waiting at a desk to inquire about an apartment.  For some reason, a form someone filled out for an apartment was upside down at a desk I was sitting. The name happened to be A****** Sterling. 

I was so surprised, I thought I came out all this way.

Then a friend mentioned an old DVD that I converted from years ago, and he remembers him having a sterling silver ring, which he lost or got stolen, He felt that he needed to tell me about the ring.



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