Wig & Wrong Direction

September 7, 2018


There is a woman with short, blond-hair with large breasts.

fell back asleep…a guy wearing a black-haired wig for Halloween.

Sometimes I question God on why he tells me these things?

September 8, 2018

Wrong Direction

I was with my high school friend and we took a bus, I remember being at a bus stop. I took a bus in the wrong direction and should be going in the opposite direction of the airport. My friend was upset with me. So, I wanted to stay at my other friends’ place and his girlfriends’.

An apartment became available and quickly grabbed it, not really caring if I made a mistake, just don’t like current living situation and tired of waiting. My friend mentioned at the end of last month that he was parachuting ( leaving) feel it is a mistake.  Than I heard someone mentioned the word, “parachute,” on bus, the 10th when vacancies usually open up. 

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