Crossed Out & A Pick Up

April 21, 2019

Crossed Out

There is this young, pretty, long-blond haired woman with large, brown eyes and curled hair who reminds me of a cross between Kristin Wiig and Anna Faris. I can see her very clearly in this dream, she seems to be sitting quietly in a chair by herself.  I am getting the word eberlin, possible from BERLIN.  Then a different woman is going through her storage facility. I also see a line of writing CROSSED OUT. I think the girl in the dream looks more like Anna Faris, then Kristin Wiig

April 22, 2019

A Pick Up 

This woman is helping her Mom while she is either at a hospital or rehabilitation center.  She goes to the cafeteria and gets a bear shaped, juice bottle and her mom goes to a different refrigerator to get a beverage or ice cream bar.  She checks on her Moms place and finds a small, sewing kit on her carpet floor so she picks it up. She returns to her place and an Indian or Asian decent guy is hanging out at her place. In the morning she is walking around in an over-sized sweater and grey PJ bottom. Her friend is passed out on her bedroom floor, so she picks him off of her floor.

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