Walking On Egg Shells, Spiders in Barn & Darth Vader

March 20, 2021

Go in Person

March 21, 2021

Walking On Egg Shells

I awoke to hearing a baby crying. Then fell back asleep and this one guy who has a shaved head who somewhat resembles John Ludwick been watching a series regarding Natalee Holloway. Well this guy is sitting in his frontroom and has guest over and is feeding them beverages and food. One woman in particular seems to be intimidated by him, like she is walking on egg shells around him and doesn’t want to upset him.

March 22, 2021

Spiders in Barn

This dream is clear. I was standing in a barn and to the left of me were several, black spiders in their webs. One web was in the corner, while the other web was in the middle, about half away from the web in corner.

I’m not for sure if the spiders were alive or dead, but the barn was pretty old

March 27, 2021

They are going to come at you full force

Sworn Affidavit (I wonder if this is the same person who lied under oath a couple of years ago)

March 30, 2021

Darth Vader

The other night, I had a dream of an older lady with greyish, wavy curly hair sitting at her desk in her office.

Then last night, I had a paranormal experience. There was a camera in front of me that would physically adjust the camera, I felt a male prescence. His energy felt different than other entities. He seemed to be well bred with nice, clean clothing. Although I could not physically see this male figure, this is what I sensed about him. Then after I went to the bathroom, I came back to my bedroom and heard heavy breathing that sounded like Darth Vader. I didn’t feel his presence as threatening, more like that he was just there.

Later, I had a dream of an old, African-American man. Oh yeah, than I thought, “Get Out”

She thinks she knows better than a doctor

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