January 31, 2019

I am at a Public Storage facility and in the office at the counter are two guys working. There is  two, large refrigerators with beverages inside and an older guy is there. I am walking outside of the storage, but do not go into my locker, which is number 135. Then I seem to be higher up, possible a construction site and I see a young kid with black, bushy hair holding onto a machine gun and holding a group of Caucasian women hostage. They don’t seem to be afraid and it might just be a water gun.

I am still high up and now am riding my bicycle now while my deceased mother is walking behind me. She is well and looks slightly younger. I look to my right and see an enormous water park that has two different sections. In the back are red and green enclosed, tube water slides and then the front part is different and cannot really see front of park.  As I am riding my bike a guy puts his hand on the rail so he is in the way of my riding my bike, but he seems to disappear and I am let through.

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