A Whisper in the Wind

June 30, 2019

All I see in this dream is someone standing in a line at either a bus or train station. It is an open room which people are waiting.

July 1, 2019

My red tote bag that I use for my camping supplies is flat and lying on the carpet floor of my friend beginning with the letter A. 

On July 8th Been having some water issues, water leaking from the 4th floor into my apartment, again.  STILL NOT  MUCH DREAMS.  In the last week I do recall a couple of places popping up in dream, first it was  Puerto Rico, then a couple of days later, it was Pennsylvania.   This spring  I wanted to visit some place with water and Puerto Rico is one place I have always wanted to visit, although now, I don’t have the funds to get there, at least not this year anyway. Then I find out my cousins WON A FREE  trip to what sounds like the Virgin Islands, not sure if this included the Bahamas or not.  I’m so envious though!  One of my grandfather’s on my Mom’s side was born in Philly, so I have always wanted to visit, even though I believe that THE WEST IS THE BEST.  I am still curious on what life was like for him in the early 1900’s. 

June 28th, “Negligent”, July 2nd “They are just looking for an excuse’ July 6th , “You are alone”

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