*Purple Hair, Old Photo’s & $100*

Purple Hair

July 26, 2013

This mom and daughter were sitting at the back of the bus. They both had purple dyed hair. The mom’s hair was short and wavy, whereas the daughter’s was naturally blond, long and straight and dyed purple. The mom dyed her hair to support her daughter because people were jealous of her. Then this woman wasn’t given much notice, but a man mentioned of a bunch of guys taking a trip in a truck. She went through her place and packed as much as she could into a couple of bags. She didn’t even have her bus ticket, but would purchase it at the bus terminal. Sued.

Old Photo’s

July 28, 2013

He went to Ohio. I saw a bunch of bunk beds. This one kid was sitting on the lower bunk. He had a couple of matching bags. He kept going through the bags, over and over and there were old photo’s in the bag.


July 29, 2013

I was somewhere with a group of women. I found a $100 crumpled, bill on the street and picked it up. I didn’t tell anyone. I kept feeling in my right pocket to make sure the bill was there. Later, some girls were looking for it. I was walking around in a large building, possible a school or church. One women mentioned a comment of what she thought of her brother.

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