*Vague Dreams, Previous Residencies & The Ship*

Vague Dreams

September 14, 2013

Beginning in January 2013 my dreams substantially increased, but starting on September 7, the dreams ceased until September 14. They are also more vague. I received an unexpected letter in the mail on September 7.

So, this is the dream I had on September 14, 2013

There was fecal matter floating around in a bath tub that someone scooped up with her hands, 2 of them. 20, can’t remember. There was an envelope with writing on the back and something about a copy. Then I was at this house and a guy and some woman was there. I didn’t want the guy to pick up that I liked him. I had to go do some errand and I came back later. A woman, who was ill, questioned if she would be ripped off once she was deceased.

Previous Residencies

September 15, 2013

There was this black girl with long hair who sitting at this desk all by herself. This is all I saw in the dream. Then I thought that I once lived in Florida for 6 months during the winter time. I also previously lived in another southern state. This girl and another guy both worked. I didn’t work and my brother took care of the situation.

The Ship

September 16, 2013

I was trying to get a hold of an old girl friend of mine that I have not seen in a long time. Sometime in February of 2013, I had a dream of a huge ship. it was the same ship in dream, but I saw the entire ship in front of me and not across from me while I sat on a hill with some guy. Something about 20 pictures, some girl and I wasn’t jealous. My friend didn’t invite me. I wanted to leave before the landlord figured out he screwed up. Then there was some live mammal that I felt move to the right of me.

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