Another Bus Trip, Luxury Apartment, $50 or 50% & Immature & Mocking

May 21, 2022

Another Bus Trip

I was taking yet another bus trip. I awoke to no one on the bus but me so got off. I approached the counter of the busy bus station and an older, blond haired woman assisted me. I mentioned that the bus driver didn’t mention any stops, not that is was his fault. I possible missed my transfer destination. The woman at the counter wanted me to pay the difference for the ticket. I mentioned all these expenses that had to pay. In real life, one just exchanges the ticket without paying the difference when NOT at fault. I told her that was on my way to Portland and one of my suitcases was under the bus. I’m not for sure what happened and then was walking around bus station and recall seeing Nutcracker Soldiers down the stairs. A couple of days ago, in real life, saw Nutcracker soldiers. In this dream, despite saying that am going to Portland, the area seems unfamiliar to me. I don’t recognize the cities on bus ticket either.

In retrospect, the station might have been a train station, I guess the Portland bus station is closed?

Also see Manhatten, possible Time Square.

May 22, 2022

A couple of young women receive some packages.

May 23, 2022

Luxury Apartment

Several caucasian students were offering this woman another luxury apartment. She was thinking about just staying at her current location, but will check out place. 98

(May 24, 2022 In real life, I was contacted regarding an apartment but it will be late to take apartment)

May 24, 2022

$50 or 50%

I kept dreaming then fell back asleep. My oldest cousin gave me $50 for some reason. It could also mean 50%. I’m not for sure if this is me or not. I am at a bus shelter and looking at the bus routes on the wall. I want to take either route 1 or 4, I’m preferring route 4. The bus goes in a straight direction. I recall a young woman being around and excited at the prospect of returning to her work field. She has long, dark brown hair with brown eyes.


May 25, 2022

Immature & Mocking

I awoke thinking of the words immature & mocking. I don’t know if this is me or in the dream? I was at some place where there were mainly, young caucasian people. My friend from the midwest is in dream, I think he came to visit me there. Also recall going to some storage place. A Mexican American woman worked the front desk and greeted people when arrived. I remember not having a good feeling about her ? Towards the end, I saw a dark forest and the character, “Slenderman” was lurking in there. Also remember walking into a convenience store and mentioning, “Mountain Dew & Coke” Then I looked up straight to the wooden ceiling.

Shortly after this dream, saw wooden, high ceiling on a a youtube video.

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