Three Mattresses, Fav-Ice, Indian Family Helps

August 15, 2022

Three Mattresses

Three mattresses are on the ground near a large truck. Several white guys are near mattresses. My former digestive disease doctor in dream.

August 2022


I was with one of my cousins from Colorado and we went to one of my favorite ice cream stores in Uptown. Then there was an older woman with frizzy hair who didn’t want to spend time with me.

August 31, 2022

Indian Family Helps

An Indian family was helping this one young woman. The father was sitting on a couch and looking at the woman right next to him. Then there was an open room full of boxes of her items.

September 18, 2022

Looks Just Like Lucy

Lucy was showing another woman around a house at possible a party. She was walking up some stairs with the woman behind her. Lucy heard the womans thoughts, “I love you ” So she questioned the woman about what she just heard. I think the woman did love her but she didn’t say anything. In one of the rooms a woman was with her child.

Something Happened

Another dream…Everyone was leaving. I was with my former landlord and her husband was alive in this dream, although didn’t see him in dream. My landlord was RV ing around in Southwest (She doesn’t have an RV in real life) I questioned where she was going, she wouldn’t tell me until she arrived at her destination. She told me that I was unpredictable.

Then was standing infront of my cousin & her husband. At a later date, I was naming states that I’d like to live.


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