Watching Me 2002

Mini-Series of Diary 2002

November 11, 2002 (CONT)

A couple of nights ago, a noise came from my kitchen, possible dishes in sink. My cat Athena, even heard it and was startled. Then ever since my last healing session , I have been feeling someone lightly, pulling at the back of my hair. I guess it was my Mom? Spiritual guide? Not sure? I was listening to Diana Ross and dancing to, “Remember Me” and had a vision of my Mom dancing with me. I was physically afraid to see something, so I kept the light on for a while. I had a DREAM of my Mom walking around my bed and talking to me, but did not understand. She was younger, her body shaped differently and possible wearing a shirt similar to the photo of her on my fridge. She was happy and healthy. I awoke to staring at an actress’s blue eyes of a poster on my wall.  Last night, someone was sitting next to me on my bed, who was headless and no flesh.

October 7,2016

Well this entry is WAY OUT THERE! isn’t it (LOL) I never hear noises like that anymore, but then again that was 14 years ago. I no longer believe a spiritual guide was hanging around my apartment. I do remember the headless, skinless woman sitting next to me, happened once.

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