*Goodbye, Full Speed Ahead & No Answer for Question*

March 2011


My toilet was broken so I had to go elsewhere. I stopped by at an acquaintance of mine place and she was sitting at the kitchen table with a pile of papers. We then went to the theater and she waited in the lobby as I used the theaters bathroom. After the movie, we were in the lobby again and she was talking to me in a low voice but I could not hear. She gave me a hug goodbye because I was leaving and would never see her again.

March 2, 2011

Full Speed Ahead

I was sitting in the middle seat of an airplane when the plan picked up speed. I did not use the chain lock on the front door when some guy opened the door, but I prevented him from getting into place. Only a dream.

March 2, 2011

No Answer for Question

The landlord was helping her sister take out the garbage. As she was getting ready for work she asked her sister what she should do with a piece of paper, but her sister didn’t respond. There was a water plant and the water was running and had to be shut down.

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